Kevlar 3D Printing

Six times stronger and eighteen times stiffer than Onyx, Carbon Fiber reinforcement is commonly used for parts that replace machined aluminum. Formed from the combination of two materials, composite parts are incredibly strong and versatile. Our unique fabrication process enables you to print parts that are an order of magnitude stiffer and stronger than typical 3D printed objects.

From PA12 Nylon to continuous carbon fiber composites are used in traditional manufacturing. Let Re3dTech help you choose the right materials to achieve the best results for your additive manufacturing needs.

Markforged X7

Fiber Reinforcement Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF) is our unique technology that adds fiber reinforcement to printed parts. Within the thermoplastic  matrix, the X7 uses proprietary technology to lay down continuous long-strand fiber. Users can control the layers reinforced, amount, orientation, and type of reinforcing fiber.

Lightweight, Durable, and Strong Kevlar® possesses excellent durability, making it optimal for parts that experience repeated and sudden loading. As stiff as fiberglass and much more ductile, it’s best used for end of arm tooling. Compatible with Mark Two and X7.

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Onyx (Chopped Carbon Fiber)
Fiber Infused Parts