About Re3dtech​

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves!​

At RE3DTECH, we believe that 3D printing will enable our customers to enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. By moving from mass production to mass customization, RE3DTECH will play a major role in providing industrial grade 3D printing services, access and capacity at the point of need. Helping our customers move their manufacturing from overseas centralized production centers, to local on-demand manufacturing and parts production, resulting in no warehousing needs.

Co-Founders, James Teuber and Russell Beck will bring their years of business and manufacturing experience to help pave a path to the future of manufacturing for our customers. Furthermore, by using the latest 3D printing technologies, RE3DTECH is moving past prototyping to true end use parts production. Let us show you what we can do for you, request a quote.

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