Tethon 3D, Nebraska-based manufacturer of ceramic powders, binders, and other 3D printing services and supplies,  announces the launch of High Alumina Tethonite, a high alumina ceramic powder for use in binder jetting additive manufacturing.

“Ceramic powder material development continues to be an area of focus for us,” said CEO Karen Linder. “We have over a decade of R&D experience and expertise with ceramic powders in binder jetting additive manufacturing applications.”

Objects fabricated with high alumina materials are reported more resistant to corrosion, wear and thermal stresses. The high alumina Tethonite powder is composed over 96 percent alumina and can be used by by large enterprise companies for unique technical applications, including oil and gas processing, high voltage bushings, specialty crucibles, laser shields and more.

Tethon 3D companion binder is required for the binder jetting 3D printing process. Partial sintering at 1300C (2372F) can form a porous high alumina object. With heat tolerance up to 2000C (3632F), Tethonite high alumina powder can be used to make parts with densities near 99 percent.

Following the 3D printing process, the printed objects must be sintered in a kiln to achieve vitrification. No other post processing or infusion steps are required. When appropriately sintered, the 3D printed objects are one hundred percent ceramic and exhibit expected physical properties of each of the respective ceramic materials.

Tethon 3D has been at the forefront of ceramic 3D printing, having developed its own Tethonite Ceramic Powder for Zcorp/3D Systems 3D printers, as well as the Tethon3D Ceramic Liquid Binder. Tethon 3D initially released the Tethonite stoneware powder and its companion binder when it began commercial operations in 2014. Since then, the Tethon 3D team has added porcelain, earthenware and now high alumina ceramic powder materials. Tethon 3D also manufactures and sells several ceramic and polymer UV curable resins for SLA and DLP additive manufacturing.

Tethonite is currently offered in four formulations at the same price ($360): earthenware (terra cotta), stoneware, high alumina and porcelain.