MasterGraphics installs one of the first HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 3D Printing Production Solutions at Illinois based Service Provider RE3DTech.

pictured left to right ( Jim Teuber-RE3dTech, Russ Beck- RE3DTech, Igor-Hp, Ihuoma-Hp)



Madison, Wis., August 13, 2019 – Last week, Re3DTech solidified its commitment to HP’s 3D print technology by adding the new HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 5210 to its growing portfolio of HP 3D Printers. The Illinois based service provider has been a proponent of HP’s 3D print technology since its introduction three years ago. The 5210 installation compliments the multiple HP MJF 4210 and HP MJF 580 printing solutions already in place at Re3DTech. Re3DTech has seen increased market demand in the mid to low volume production space since the inception of their business, which is built on HP’s MJF technology. The 5210 system builds off the core 4210 technology and adds software and print technology that brings traditional manufacturing practices and standards to additive manufacturing. These enhancements ensure repeatable and predictable results.

Kevin Carr, President of MasterGraphics, explains “the capabilities of the HP MJF 5210 are game-changing. This new technology creates more scenarios where it is cost-effective to utilize additive manufacturing versus traditional manufacturing processes such as injection molding. As the market is changing and adapting to new 3D print technologies, digital manufacturing is a term we continue to hear more and more. Manufacturers want to be more innovative, cost-effective, and quicker to market. The HP MJF 5210 helps enable achieving these goals. We have seen a more flexible manufacturing process and reduction in overall inventory to produce specifically what you need.”

“We see clients such as Re3DTech not as a service bureau but as a manufacturing hub. We are at a true tipping point where innovators such as HP are providing technologies that production houses like Re3DTech are building businesses on by providing unique and cost effective manufactured goods”, says Carr.

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