3D Printing Applications

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“Every great design begins with an even better story” 

Whether you’re just starting with 3D Printing or you’re ready to turn your conceptual idea into a physical prototype, we have the tools and capacity to offer you the highest quality parts, fast, with no minimum quantity requirements.













Traditionally, repairing equipment in the field is an involved endeavor. Suitable tools are often not on hand and if custom hardware is needed for the repair, time and labor must be spent producing it. By the time the necessary tools arrive at the site, weeks of costly downtime may have already passed, thus making 3D printed parts the answer.













Leveraging our Production Additive Manufacturing technologies, we have the capabilities to run some serious volume of your parts. Good production part candidates, will likely Stem from the Prototype growth cycle, where the design of the part has been validated in respect to fit, form, and function.